7 Tips for Creating High Conversion Landing Pages

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about creating high-converting landing pages. Today I will further expand on that and provide you with seven tips that are sure to increase your conversion rates.

Landing pages are product/service-specific pages that you drive traffic to rather than your homepage. These give visitors fewer options and drive all the attention to elements that will lead them to convert.


Your headline is the first element that will catch a visitor’s eye. Your main and supporting headline should give a quick overview of what to expect on the page. The more information you can provide while keeping the text length to a minimum the better. These are some ideas:

  • Include features and benefits
  • Try using a question that relates to your audience’s pain point
  • Outline a pain point then provide a solution
  • Use social proof or data

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your USP is what makes your offer or product unique. It should be a short statement that clearly shows why you’re better than the competition. Find out what your competitors are doing and structure your offer to be more compelling. Outline the specific areas that make your offer better.


Speaking of offers, make sure yours is as visible as possible. Show users exactly what they should expect from your service or product. You can use tools such as heat maps to see what areas of your site get the most attention. Place your offer around there.


A picture is worth a thousand words and a video consists of thousands of pictures. People want to see what they’re getting. Add media showcasing your product in action. This will help users better understand your product or service and will increase intent.


Stay consistent with your colors, design, and media style not just across your website or landing page, but on the internet in general. Every medium you use should be an extension of the other. For example, users coming from your social media to your website shouldn’t feel like they just landed on a completely different company’s site. They should be able to instantly recognize it is you just by the colors and style. This will help with brand recognizability and recall.

Social Proof

With the boom of online commerce and anyone being able to create an eCommerce store using websites such as Shopify, scam stores have been popping up like never before. The majority of online shoppers will get scammed at least once in their shopping lifetime. Because of this many are careful of which websites they trust and which they don’t. Incorporating reviews, statistics, or testimonials into your site can help with building that trust.

Call to Action (CTA)

CTAs are the most important elements on your landing page. Without them, you give users no direction for where to go next so that they can convert. You should scatter these throughout your page at any point you think a user will decide they want to convert. Again using heat maps can help you figure out where your CTAs should go.

If your business needs help setting up landing pages feel free to schedule a consultation below.